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✓ Makes it easy to collect client data and information 
✓ Improves team productivity and reduces burnout

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of customers consider onboarding important in whether they make the decision to buy in the first place. Make seamless onboarding a reason they choose you.
of customers say they would abandon a product or service within the first month if the onboarding process was poor. Create an experience that drives loyalty starting on day one.
of B2B customers feel fully engaged with their new providers during the onboarding process. Move the needle in the right direction with tools that inform and empower customers.
of customers say a great onboarding experience increases their long-term loyalty to a company. Set the foundation for lasting relationships.

Transform the Client Onboarding Journey

Client onboarding should be a balance between efficiency and empathy. Say hello to Setuply — your all-in-one solution that enables faster, frictionless B2B implementations with fewer resources.

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Coray Grove

Chief Revenue Officer, Inova

“Setuply’s platform is a game-changer for the future of our client onboarding efficiency and revenue tracking. The ability to integrate such powerful automation into our processes will transform our operational capacity and accelerate our revenue pipeline. It marks a significant milestone in our growth trajectory.”


Alice Hinton

Human Resources Product Manager, Innovative Business Solutions

“Before Setuply, frustrations and issues with the implementation process could sometimes easily fall through the cracks. Now, all the information is readily available. We can see how people move through the process and where we can improve. It made us a better vendor for our customers.”


Josh Robinson

CEO, CheckmateHCM

“Leveraging Setuply for our client onboarding and support has transformed our approach to client onboarding and service delivery. It has amplified our processes, enabling us to surpass our goals and expand our capabilities. Going beyond operational efficiency has sparked a new era of expansion for us.”

Purpose-Built for Client Onboarding and Client Success

Power Up Every Aspect of Onboarding with Our All-In-One Platform

  • Client Impact Control Center
  • ScaleUp Onboarding Engine
  • Secure Data Management
  • Professional Services Automation