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CheckmateHCM Streamlines Project & Client Management with Setuply, a Versatile Solution

Thanks to Setuply’s multi-point solution and automated project workflows, CheckmateHCM has dramatically improved its operational efficiency and elevated client management standards.





  The Customer

CheckmateHCM has been a premier provider of integrated HR services for decades, specializing in payroll, time tracking, and HR solutions through a single-database cloud platform.


  The Challenge

CheckmateHCM prides itself on providing exceptional customer experiences. However, achieving this has been challenging due to the high operational overhead associated with managing a "frankenstack" of disjointed single-point solutions. Separate systems required extensive coordination and management on the part of CheckmateHCM, consuming significant time and resources and hindering efficiency. This setup forced the company to allocate a substantial portion of its efforts toward keeping systems in sync and functional rather than enhancing and expanding its customer and service footprint. 


  The Solution

Setuply empowered CheckmateHCM to streamline client management activities by improving internal operations and consolidating a fragmented toolkit to unify processes into one centralized platform backed by AI-powered automation.


  The Result

The partnership with Setuply has been a game changer for CheckmateHCM, vastly improving their client service efficiency. The platform has enabled a seamless new client implementation process while successfully managing new business growth opportunities. Shifting away from manually intensive systems to a more streamlined, automated solution has improved operational workflows and increased client satisfaction. CheckmateHCM has seen a notable expansion in its business capacity potential, with the means to serve more clients, more effectively and explore new markets with greater agility.





Single-Point Solutions That Failed to Deliver

When companies use single-point applications for different business projects, they often face challenges with siloed workflows and increasing management overhead. These isolated systems make it difficult to maintain cohesion, leading to more manual work for employees and higher costs as the business scales. Fragmentation not only complicates day-to-day operations but also impedes efficiency and growth.

CheckmateHCM relied on a stack of single-point technology solutions to deliver the best experience to clients. But behind the scenes, piecemeal solutions made execution resource-intensive. They needed an enterprise system that could unify project management, data staging, client engagement, and PSA. Taking this integrated approach would eliminate single-point solution limitations, allowing CheckmateHCM to free up the team’s time for more strategic activities.





A Purpose-Built Solution to Simplify Management

With the adoption of Setuply, CheckmateHCM has significantly enhanced its ability to manage client relationships. As Josh Robinson, CEO of CheckmateHCM, points out: "Setuply is more than just a process or project management tool. It’s a comprehensive client management solution that integrates every phase of the client lifecycle, beginning with the initial implementation."

Setuply has empowered CheckmateHCM to create standardized project templates and implement automated workflows tailored to each process. This foundational setup has streamlined the organization's ability to oversee and manage client project scheduling more effectively.

Additionally, after implementing client projects, CheckmateHCM now benefits from a centralized platform that facilitates cross-selling opportunities. The ability to monitor the implementation pipeline lets them distinguish between projects for new and existing clients, enhancing client retention strategies and identifying any service issues that require attention.

“With a steady pipeline of new customers and current customers wanting to purchase additional services, trying to combine data from multiple sources and make sense of it all can be difficult,” Robinson said. “Being able to see everything and manage it from one place is a beautiful thing.”





An End-to-End Client Management Experience

With Setuply, CheckmateHCM has transformed its client management process, streamlining operations and freeing up valuable time to focus more directly on client needs. By automating the onboarding process, they’ve eliminated the need for manual maintenance and data integration from multiple-point solutions, thus reducing overhead. This change allows them to make notable improvements to their client interactions.

Robinson highlighted these benefits: "Automating our onboarding process has given us more bandwidth to support our customers, significantly enhancing our operational capacity and efficiency."

While enhancing the new client implementation experience, Setuply’s automation tools have also given new hires at CheckmateHCM the necessary tools and training to bridge expertise gaps quickly. This systematic approach allows junior staff to develop “muscle memory” and support best practices while empowering clients to take an active role in their onboarding process.

The efficiencies gained through Setuply have further supported client retention and facilitated new business partnerships. A noteworthy development is CheckmateHCM's recent referral partnership with a regional bank. With the improved capacity to deliver exceptional, personalized services without overextending resources, Robinson is even more confident this partnership will thrive.






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