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HCM client onboarding

Why the client onboarding experience is critical in human capital management

The onboarding experience is that initial gateway into an enduring partnership between human capital management (HCM) providers and clients. It’s where trust is established, and it decides how quickly the client can start to realize value from their new HCM software investment. Done right, the HCM client onboarding process helps ensure that clients are set up for success, that user adoption is high, and that the provider-client relationship endures.

Key challenges in delivering a frictionless onboarding experience

  • Having to source historical information across various vendors and formats
  • Transferring sensitive employee data that needs stay protected in transit
  • Maintaining client engagement throughout every step of the onboarding process
  • Having to get buy-in from a client workforce that is naturally resistant to change

Level up your HCM client onboarding with Setuply.

Why investing in a client onboarding solution makes sense

HCM client onboarding is a delicate dance between coordination and clarity. With a client onboarding solution, you have the tools and features to achieve this balance. Automation significantly reduces the time and resources it takes to onboard new clients, while supporting collaboration that further minimizes the potential for errors or delays. HCM clients, meanwhile, can quickly and effectively integrate your solution into their operations, realizing its full value in less time. When your clients realize value faster, everyone wins.

Setuply helps you streamline human capital management client onboarding

Setuply’s solutions empower companies to navigate the HCM client onboarding journey seamlessly. From transparency and security to a tailor-made onboarding approach, you’ll have all the tools and features you need to meet clients’ distinct needs in a scalable way.
Streamlined Data Collection

Ensure that every piece of historical data finds its way into the system — accurately and efficiently — through a structured approach.

Transparent and Adaptable Project Plans Give clients a clear view of where they stand in the onboarding journey, with the ability to make any tweaks that resonate with their needs.  
Comprehensive Data Security

Ensure that all gathered client data is properly protected from potential breaches via stringent multi-level security measures.

Smooth Change Management Access robust support to help clients prepare for the rollout and give them a sense of ownership and confidence in the new system.  

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