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Frequently Asked Questions

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Discover answers to frequently asked questions and better understand how Setuply can support your needs.

What is the purpose of the Setuply platform?

Client onboarding is often a manual, spreadsheet-driven process across the B2B vendor spectrum. This approach tends to result in time, budget, and resource overruns that make it hard for vendors to recognize new client revenue. It also negatively impacts the client relationship. 

Setuply’s client onboarding automation platform is designed to eliminate the barrier between closing a deal and realizing its potential. It provides better solutions to track client onboarding progress through context-responsive workflow engines, client transparency tools, improved staff management, and secure data staging, validation, and transformation.

What industries does Setuply work with? Setuply is optimal for businesses within B2B software market segments where there are complex client onboarding requirements. This includes human capital management (HCM), FinTech, InsureTech, and ERPs.
What kinds of companies are a good fit for Setuply?
  • Technology companies (solution providers): Client adoption of software or technological solutions often comes with a complex onboarding process where Setuply can be instrumental. The platform provides an organized, transparent view that keeps sales teams engaged and informed while ensuring clients can successfully adopt and use the solution. Meanwhile, customer support reps have insights into the entire onboarding journey, better equipping them to anticipate and address questions and concerns as clients transition to using the technology.
  • Consulting or implementation providers: Often tasked with guiding clients through the maze of adopting new systems, processes, or solutions, Setuply is an indispensable tool for consulting and implementation firms. Through a central hub, they can maintain transparent communication, manage project timelines, handle change requests, and ensure a seamless transition for clients. Leaders and managers, meanwhile, can use Setuply to monitor team activities, identify bottlenecks, and ensure projects align with broader business objectives. 
What types of users will benefit from Setuply? The types of roles within companies that benefit from Setuply include:
  • Client onboarding reps: Client onboarding reps benefit from Setuply’s consolidated dashboard view that covers all aspects of client onboarding. They can manage timelines and client communications as well as track cases and stay on top of action items.
  • Client onboarding managers: Client onboarding managers require clarity and oversight. Setuply gives them insights into their team's activities, helping to identify bottlenecks, monitor capacity, and access key performance indicators.
  • Client onboarding leaders: Client onboarding leaders need a holistic view of onboarding operations, especially given this business area’s cost and complexity. Setuply provides a centralized snapshot of key metrics, from revenue at stake to project health.
  • Clients: Setuply keeps clients informed about their onboarding status, offering real-time insights into project details, progress, and communication streams.
  • Solution providers' sales organization: Sales teams require up-to-date information about their clients' onboarding status to engage effectively. Setuply offers these insights, allowing sales teams to manage their pipelines better, use clients as references, and cross-sell additional offerings.
  • Solution providers' customer support reps: Customer support reps benefit from understanding a client's onboarding journey. Setuply gives them a view into the entire process, helping them better anticipate and address client queries or concerns.
What will Setuply do for your operations?

Setuply will help streamline just about every aspect of the client onboarding process.

This includes:

  • Client and implementation team communications
  • Onboarding data gathering, validation, and verification
  • Project scope tracking
  • Rollout assistance
  • And onboarding team management.
Our solution includes reusable project templates, configurable client questionnaires, smart workflows, and powerful AI-driven analytics. Together, these features help drive repeatable, scalable, and measurable processes while helping to ensure optimal team capacity utilization and client satisfaction.  

For more information about our solution, see this overview page.
What are the key features and benefits of Setuply? The reason there are so few client onboarding automation solutions out there is that client onboarding is a complex process that cannot be solved unidimensionally. It requires a multi-layered solution like Setuply that approaches client onboarding challenges from multiple perspectives.

The key features of our solution include:

Client Impact Control Panel: Delivers real-time project transparency for clients; enables client-driven data collection; keeps everyone in the loop on the project status and tasks; and provides better client accountability and engagement

ScaleUP Onboarding Engine: Access unlimited templates for a repeatable and scalable onboarding process that keeps project scope and timelines in check; configurable workflows are available to suit virtually any business scenario

Secure Data Management: Push, pull, store, and validate client data between multiple formats seamlessly with APIs; gain valuable insights into data flows between third-party providers and client tools; and access invaluable support with mass migrations and upgrades

Professional Services Automation: Track and forecast onboarding team activities, KPIs, and workloads; help reduce timeline risk paths through the implementation of heatmaps and other power visualization tools
What does the Setuply dashboard look like?

Setuply offers multiple, customizable dashboards for every kind of stakeholder. Stakeholders have control over what their dashboard looks like based on their needs and what's top of mind for them.

Client Dashboard

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard, for instance, gives clients access to necessary onboarding information quickly without having to “learn” their onboarding software. They can instantly see what’s on their plate, the status of their project, and who is their point person and team.

Sales Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

In the sales dashboard, account executives have a view of approved and rejected deals YTD. AEs can update rejected deals directly from the dashboard, track client onboarding progress, view upcoming onboarding completions, and monitor client cases, making it easy to stay informed and offer timely assistance.

Leadership Dashboard

Leadership Dashboard

The leadership dashboard provides insight into onboarding and revenue trends, current patterns, revenue currently at stake, and the current resource workload. It's user-friendly and helps leaders make informed decisions and effectively manage their resources.

Team Leader Dashboard

Team Leader Dashboard

Onboarding team leaders have another perspective. They get a holistic view of all projects under management, can track KPIs, and zero in on individual performers, projects, and clients. They can see if there are any hot spots across the teams that may require additional resources or team reallocation. Survey results are available there, too. Essentially, their dashboard is a control panel that ensures they’re on top of all items related to their team’s optimal performance.

Onboarding Resource Dashboard

Onboarding Resource Dashboard

The onboarding resource dashboard is a central hub where onboarding resources can check the status of and easily access all their projects. This dashboard also includes a view of their external calendar, change request management, and a quick overview of overdue, current, and upcoming tasks. It's a convenient, one-stop-shop for efficiently managing project needs.

Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard

From the individual project dashboard, you have all the information you need to get a quick snapshot of what is happening with the project. Project status, risks, internal and external teams, activity stream, and change requests are just some available widgets.

What kind of reports does Setuply offer? Within Setuply, it’s possible to report on just about every data point — even your custom data points! 

Users have the ability to customize their reports, save their views, and export their data in different functional modules.

Here are some popular examples of reports for solution providers and their teams:

  • All clients and their associated data
  • All projects and their associated data
  • Project tasks and their associated data (e.g, project name, project section, task name, task status, task)
  • Smart data gathering of questions and answers
Keep in mind, you are not limited to what you see in reports. If the data is in Setuply, you can report on it, even your customized data points!  

Setuply’s report widget provides end users with the option to add any report directly to their dashboard. With Setuply’s customizable reports and dashboards, you never need to go hunting for information again!
How do I get started with Setuply? Your journey toward better onboarding starts with telling us about how your organization approaches client onboarding today. Once you fill out this questionnaire and we determine that your organization is a good fit, we’ll set up a demo where you can see the Setuply platform in action.
Can I use Setuply for other types of projects (e.g. upgrades, migrations, compliance updates?) Yes! Setuply's extensive project template library offers complete customization for a wide range of project types. The flexibility of our solution allows you to effortlessly tailor projects to various timelines — even allowing you to set start dates well into the future. Setuply handles the administrative tasks of tracking upcoming projects, providing timely alerts to kickstart your initiatives. 

Whether you're overseeing renewals, upgrades, migrations, or annual projects, Setuply is your partner in ensuring projects are executed on time and with precision!

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