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Secure Data Management
for Client Onboarding

Gather client data faster, with fewer headaches

Save Time Collecting Data
Create questions for clients to complete in the Setuply platform. Use the answers to modify project plans.
Make Data Collection Scalable
Save questions and form templates for future use in onboarding projects. Have answers automatically trigger tasks.
Improve Client Engagement
The platform knows when to show clients additional questions based on their answers to avoid unnecessary inquiries.
Engage with Data Meaningfully
Client data is validated, stored, and transformed into meaningful formats for import into its destination system.

Put an end to client data management struggles.

Experience Setuply's Secure Data Management for yourself

Gathering new client data is one of the biggest obstacles for onboarding teams. Our automation platform supports secure data management and reminds clients of the data they need to provide. Your onboarding reps can spend less time chasing down data and dedicate more time to other essential tasks.

What makes for a good client onboarding experience?

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Features that support better client data management

Your journey to better onboarding starts here.

Experience the full range of Setuply’s onboarding capabilities

Client Impact Control Center

Give clients the power to stay connected to project progress and reach out for support to keep things on track.

Scale Up Onboarding Engine

Make your onboarding process scalable and repeatable with powerful project management functionality.

Professional Services Automation

Track your team members’ workload and productivity, and then use that data to identify bottlenecks and avoid burnout.


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