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How Setuply supports
customer support reps

Get the context you need to support clients

A successful handoff between onboarding and customer support hinges on insights into the client’s journey to date. As part of a solution provider’s customer support team, you need to have a holistic view of the entire client onboarding experience. That way, you have the necessary context to nurture the client relationship and continue meeting expectations. A client onboarding solution for customer support provides you with that strategic vantage point.

Setuply benefits every client onboarding stakeholder.

Setuply transforms your operations by:

  • Chronicling every step of the client onboarding process for a panoramic view

  • Providing you with valuable insights into decisions made during onboarding

  • Helping you proactively address client concerns and anticipate their inquiries

  • Ensuring that customer support feels like a natural extension of the onboarding process
“By prioritizing alignment and collaboration, businesses can unlock new growth opportunities and maximize their revenue potential.”
Ben SteinMarketing & Success Customer Leader

Why specialized client onboarding tools are a must-have

If your organization isn’t already using the latest and best client onboarding tools, the need to invest is clear. With these tools, you can eliminate bumps in the road and pave the way for better client onboarding:


  • Operate more efficiently via automated data collection and communications

  • Reduce the risk of costly errors, omissions, and data compliance issues

  • Improve client satisfaction so they are more likely to turn into long-term clients

  • Make data-driven decisions to remove bottlenecks and maximize performance

  • Generate significant cost savings with a more scalable onboarding process

Experience how Setuply can transform your onboarding.

Helpful client onboarding insights


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