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Client Impact Control Center

Empower clients to take an active role in onboarding

What if you could earn early adopter buy-in on day one? Our Client Impact Control Center gives clients the transparency and tools to achieve these results. With an easier way to manage tasks, see onboarding progress, and reach out for support, the process becomes more enjoyable and engaging for clients.


Put your clients in the driver's seat with Setuply.

Our Client Impact Control Center

Real-Time Visibility
Gives clients real-time visibility into every step of onboarding
Collaborative Process
Enables more collaborative onboarding that keeps clients engaged
Streamlined Communications
Makes it easier to effectively communicate with clients
Ease of Use & Setup
System is easy to use for clients and easy to setup for providers

Experience the Client Impact Control Center for yourself

Clients have come to expect an onboarding process that is collaborative, with open lines of communication. Through the Setuply platform, clients can stay on top of when the ball is in their court, appreciate the work that's being done, and get answers to keep things moving along. It's the key to unlocking better client enagagement, client satisfaction scores, and retention rates.

What makes for a good client onboarding experience?

Features that enhance the client onboarding experience

Client Master MultiView Dashboard

Give clients a holistic insight of all things related to their onboarding project from a single pane, including tasks on their plate.

Project Status

Keep clients of informed onboarding project progress, including when key tasks are completed or project milestones are met.

Change Request Module

Offer clients the ability to request changes to onboarding projects from the convenience of the control center.

Centralized Communications

Make it easy for clients to reach out to onboarding teams for questions and get timely responses to keep things moving.

Communication & Change Log

All communication and change request conversations become stored information the client can easily refer back to through the real-time Activity Stream.

User Access Management

Give clients the power to make adjustments to user access without the need for onboarding reps to intervene.


Your journey to better onboarding starts here.


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