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Professional Services Automation
for Client Onboarding

Use AI-driven insights to support your onboarding team and business

Improve Capacity Management
Better manage the capacity of your staff to avoid burnout and support collaboration. Proactively plan for capacity expansion when needed.
Recognize Strong Employees
Recognize and reward the stars on your onboarding team before they get burned out. Align them with projects that suit their skills and experience.
Identify Development Opportunities
Proactively identify training and improvement opportunities for junior staff. Provide additional career development opportunities for your team.
Improve Onboarding Efficiency
Speed projects up by scheduling them out to the optimal team members. Seamlessly assign projects and tasks to other team members without delay.

Give your team tools to reach their full potential.

Experience Setuply's Professional Automation Services for yourself

Is there room for improvement in your client onboarding program? Our professional services automation solution provides you with AI-driven insights to move your program forward. With access to analytics around team performance and revenue, you’ll have a better gauge on how to make client onboarding a differentiator for your business while keeping your team happy.

What makes for a good client onboarding experience?

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Features that support client onboarding program improvements

Your journey to better onboarding starts here.


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