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Client Onboarding and Beyond for Fintech, ERP, & accounting providers

Why the client experience is critical for Fintech, ERP, and accounting solution providers

For financial solution providers, the relationship with clients isn't just about onboarding; it's about managing every aspect of that relationship from the start and through ongoing projects such as monthly reconciliations and annual audits. A holistic approach ensures that trust is built and maintained, processes are streamlined and consistent, client data is secure, and high-quality service is consistently delivered without additional management overhead.

This comprehensive approach is Setuply's specialty. We position you for success by offering a platform that supports your firm from client onboarding, to annual audit preparations, to everything in between.

What can get in the way of delivering a seamless client experience?

  • Dealing with an array of historical data that spans across different periods, accounts, and transaction types
  • Having to organize and integrate complex data — sometimes from legacy systems — into your solution
  • Ensuring adherence to all relevant compliance measures, looping in external expertise where needed
  • Effectively and predictably managing  recurring projects and tasks without trading off personal touch
  • Empowering clients to stay engaged and involved at every stage 

Want to improve your client onboarding and beyond?

Why choose Setuply's client onboarding and success services to elevate your business?

Navigating the complexities of financial systems and ensuring the accuracy of every transaction, process, and historical record requires a delicate balance. With Setuply's holistic purpose-built client onboarding and success platform, Fintech, ERP, and accounting providers are in the driver's seat to meet these needs. Comprehensive tools support meticulous data handling, streamline client communications, and help adhere to the financial industry's stringent compliance requirements. With Setuply, financial institutions and businesses are primed for success from day one.

How to streamline every aspect of client onboarding and management

Setuply’s all-in-one automation platform addresses the complexities and regulatory requirements that Fintech, ERP, and accounting solution providers face. Here are some of the ways our solution makes client onboarding and management seamless and efficient for all stakeholders involved.

Simplify Data Collection

Guide clients through the data collection process with helpful tools to ensure that every piece of information is accurately sourced and integrated into the new system.

Prioritize Client Engagement Maintain open lines of communication with clients so you can continuously get their feedback and ensure that their needs and concerns are always top of mind.  
Access Robust Compliance

Leverage robust compliance measures established in our solution, while having the flexibility to seamlessly rope in and collaborate with other external experts.


What are the operational challenges faced by companies in the Fintech, ERP, and accounting markets?

Companies in the financial sector bear the responsibility of ensuring compliance, securing data, and providing strategic guidance, alongside other essential services. They face operational challenges that affect their service delivery efficiency.
Client Engagement and Transparency

Success hinges on maintaining client engagement and transparency throughout project lifecycles, from initial adoption to ongoing management. This involves managing tasks efficiently, timely information updates, prompt responses to inquiries, and clear visibility into project statuses. Setuply elevates these interactions, keeping all stakeholders aligned and informed.

Data Security In an era where data breaches are costly, the security of sensitive information is paramount. Setuply's robust security protocols provide peace of mind by protecting data across every interaction, ensuring both confidentiality and integrity.
Process Efficiency High-quality service for diverse client demands requires processes that are both scalable and repeatable without losing a personal touch. Setuply empowers organizations to streamline their workflows, ensuring consistent quality and operational efficiency, no matter the project's scale or complexity.
Quality Assurance Maintaining the highest accuracy and reliability standards in reporting and strategic advice is crucial. Setuply supports the infrastructure for regular quality assurance checks, enabling firms to uphold their commitment to excellence.

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