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Get To Know Setuply

15 ways to get to know us better

We value getting to know our customers and all the intricacies of their client onboarding experience. And we think it’s important for our customers to know us well, too — after all, we’re partners in all this. With that in mind, here’s a bit more about our solution and our business!


We're game-changers.

Client onboarding is a special time when the client discovers whether their hopes and aspirations in choosing a new solution will come true. Setuply helps make this transition seamless. Clients can start experiencing benefits faster, which simplifies things for onboarding teams and accelerates monetization opportunities. Gone are the days of spreadsheets that make for a long, painful process that’s disagreeable to clients and customers. We transform new clients into brand champions starting on day one.


Setup is easy!

Our name says it all — we’re here to help you streamline your client onboarding experience. Our automation platform replaces spreadsheets with innovative onboarding technology. With Setuply, you can retire tired, manual processes quickly, easily, and pleasantly.

Tools for success.

Effective, scalable, and efficient client onboarding is the key to faster client monetization and less churn. However, most people don’t have the right tools. It’s like trying to climb a mountain in your old running shoes. You probably can do it, but it’s a treacherous and unpleasant journey. Setuply offers the right tools to open up new revenue streams, support sales, and fuel growth.

Tailored solutions.

At Setuply, we understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to client onboarding. That's why we've made our platform fully customizable to meet your unique requirements. With an intuitive interface and a well-designed dashboard, we ensure that we not only meet our customers’ specific needs; we exceed them.

We’re thought leaders.

Have you visited our blog? We’re regularly publishing posts covering buzzworthy topics in the FinTech and HR tech industries, as well as general client onboarding best practices. Some posts even feature Q&As with industry experts! If you haven’t already, check out the Setuply blog.

Support at every step.

We understand that the client’s journey doesn’t just stop after a deal is closed. It’s a continuous process that requires constant attention. We believe that client advocacy and retention happen when customers experience tangible benefits and value. Our platform is equipped with the tools to ensure these benefits and value are delivered. 

We’re on the move.

Building meaningful connections happens when we come together to exchange ideas and experiences. We regularly attend industry events and are always excited to start a conversation! See where we’re headed next on our events page.

We’ve got a spirit animal.

Let’s take a break and introduce Jerry Treeclimber! Jerry is the Setuply mascot and he embraces living life to the fullest. He inspires our team to work efficiently and thoughtfully while also bringing a sense of humor and positivity to the workplace. Follow along with Jerry on social!

Onboarding reps love us!

With Setuply, onboarding reps can leave behind the hassles of tracking down client data. They have the tools they need to streamline onboarding and boost efficiency. It makes a real difference in their day-to-day work, giving them more time to focus on other essential tasks and preventing burnout.

Providers love our revenue analytics.

Setuply offers intuitive insights into the revenue at stake. With our automation platform, solution provider leaders can make data-driven decisions to optimize revenue streams and drive growth. These insights are another element of our platform that set us apart in the industry.

Clients appreciate us!

Clients value visibility in the client onboarding process. Setuply gives clients complete transparency of onboarding project progress and any tasks on their plate. We make client onboarding more collaborative as a whole and clients value that.

A future-proof solution.

Even if your industry size or client volume doesn’t make client onboarding right for your company now, proactively streamlining and automating processes is still critical. With a foundation in place to enable scalable, repetitive onboarding, you’ll be ready to navigate any industry shifts.

We know what’s ahead.

We're not just prepared for what's coming down the pipeline; we excel at it. Our tools enable us to foresee the future of onboarding with precision, thanks to seamless integrations. By harnessing the power of AI, we elevate every part of your onboarding journey from data management to client experience.

We're your continuity partners.

Our solution can extend beyond the onboarding phase with our case management, reporting, and other features, to help ensure smooth sailing into customer support.

The journey never ends.

We're committed to fostering continuous growth along side you. We offer various opportunities to drive awareness of the importance of client onboarding as a critical part of success in company operations. From quarterly training sessions to thought leadership series, focus groups, interviews with experts, there are plenty of reasons to join the journey!

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