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Innovative Business Solutions Discovers & Eliminates Bottlenecks in the Client Implementation Process with Setuply

With detailed insights into their client implementation process through Setuply, Innovative Business Solutions was able to minimize friction and maximize efficiency.





  The Customer

Innovative Business Solutions (Innovative) has been a provider of human capital management (HCM) automation products — which range from a payroll and tax service to a full suite of integrated HCM products — for over 30 years. 


  The Challenge

Despite having a robust and well-established implementation process, Innovative strived for continuous improvement. However, without being able to fully visualize their process, it was difficult for them to know where slowdowns were occurring and creating inefficiencies.


  The Solution

With Setuply, Innovative gained visibility into every stage of the client implementation journey. This newfound transparency gave them better insights to identify once-hidden bottlenecks and ultimately improve operational efficiencies.


  The Result

A streamlined client onboarding process has saved Innovative’s implementation team time while opening up new revenue streams without increasing operating costs.





Hidden Bottlenecks in the Client Onboarding Process

Without visibility into client onboarding workflows, even a well-thought-out process is subject to bottlenecks that can easily go undetected. These bottlenecks can manifest as inefficiencies or redundant steps, leading to more work for implementation teams and causing delays.

Innovative needed more analytics and reporting tools to identify client onboarding hurdles and their root causes. A lack of visibility not only affected their understanding of barriers to the overall process; it also obscured insights into individual team member performance. Without the assurance of having an optimal implementation process in place, Innovative was hesitant to expand its reach and take on new projects with its existing operating footprint.





Setuply's Comprehensive Visibility & Insights

While Innovative used Setuply to automate its client implementation processes as well as recurring projects, the business was also able to scale and uncover process inefficiencies. From these insights, they could accurately project the duration of implementation projects and pinpoint and address critical gaps. Setuply's comprehensive visibility became a pivotal tool for immediate enhancements and long-term strategic plans, proving essential for refining their onboarding and client management methodology.

Alice Hinton, Innovative’s Human Resources Product Manager, highlighted the impact of that level of visibility:

“Once I started to look at the projects in progress, I quickly realized where breakdowns were happening. With Setuply, you can see all the steps in the implementation process, including where projects are stalling and not moving forward, as well as the team members involved.”

Having worked with hundreds of customers, Innovative has continuously optimized its client implementation process over the years — reaching the edge of efficiency. Setuply has pushed Innovative beyond that edge to reach new levels of operational excellence.


With granular data and insights from Setuply, the Innovative team was in the driver’s seat to improve their already clearly defined, well-structured implementation process. That included rebuilding parts of the process, as well as using automation to streamline project management, data management, stakeholder communications, and more.

Moving to a Setuply-based implementation process has opened up a world of possibilities for Innovative to continue improving implementation processes while identifying other projects to optimize and opportunities for advancement.

As Hinton notes: “Before Setuply, frustrations and issues with the implementation process could sometimes easily fall through the cracks. Now, all the information is readily available. We can see how people move through the process and where we can improve. It made us a better vendor for our customers.”





Significant Time Savings for Implementation

Transparency into process bottlenecks has not only streamlined operations but saved valuable time for team members — allowing them to focus on value-added activities. With a more efficient onboarding process, Innovative’s clients can now experience the advantages of the company’s solutions faster than ever before.

As one example, Innovative used Setuply to support the annual Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance filing process for clients. In years past, the process called for all hands on deck in February.


These efficiency gains have been a true game changer for Innovative. They’ve opened up new revenue streams and strengthened client relationships with their existing resources.


“We’re now confident about unrolling other strategic initiatives like cross-selling our products to customers to increase their engagement and satisfaction,” Hinton stated. “We’re no longer overwhelmed by large numbers of customers saying ‘yes, please set us up on this new product or service.' We have the bandwidth now.”






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