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a team celebrates the efficiency achieved with project management automation tools
SetuplyJun 18, 2024 11:00:00 AM3 min read

How Project Management Automation Can Take Humans Even Further

Picture a world where mundane project management tasks dissolve into the background, freeing up valuable time for innovation and visionary plans for the future. This is the transformative power of project management automation tools at work. 

So it’s no surprise that more organizations have taken to these types of tools and embraced the exciting future of project management.

In the 2023 PMI Annual Global Survey on Project Management, 21% of respondents said they are always or often using AI to manage projects. These compelling statistics showcase how project management automation is becoming a trusted ally versus a source of concern for project management teams. Rather than replace jobs, these powerful automation tools empower workforces to work smarter and focus more on strategic, high-value initiatives. Enhanced productivity alongside unlocking the full potential of human creativity and ingenuity ushers in a new era of project management.


The Benefits of Project Management Automation for Workforces


Streamlining Task Management

In project management, automation steps in to take over repetitive tasks such as task assignments, deadline tracking, and progress updates. These tools ensure that tasks are delegated based on team members’ availability and skills, minimizing oversight and maximizing success.


Minimizing Resource Bottlenecks

Powered by a blend of historical data and current project demands, automation tools can uncover potential bottlenecks and drive improvements before they escalate into critical issues. These insights help sustain project momentum while balancing team members’ workloads to safeguard against burnout.


Generating Real-Time Analytics

Automated systems can churn out detailed reports on various facets of projects, from time-to-completion to cost breakdowns. These real-time insights enable project managers to steer with precision, making informed decisions and proactive improvements. Armed with the latest information, project managers can support more accurate and timely interventions.


Automating Communications

Project management automation tools deliver transparency and alignment that effortlessly bridges teams and clients. Automated status updates can be sent to stakeholders as project milestones are met or changes are made, ensuring everyone remains aware of where a project stands. With seamless communication, every project stakeholder is positioned to contribute their best.


Balancing the Value of Automation with the Human Touch

While automation undoubtedly brings efficiency to project management, let's not forget the irreplaceable human touch. As highlighted in a Project Management Institute article, the empathy, accountability, and innovative problem solving skills of project managers can’t be overlooked. Automation should uplift project management teams, and vice versa.

Consider this in the context of onboarding new clients. Through automated task assignments and data collection, project management teams can quickly set up onboarding projects with predefined steps to ensure no critical tasks are overlooked. Meanwhile, dashboards that are automatically updated in real-time keep project teams and clients informed about project progress as well as any pending tasks on their plate.

With automation taking care of these tasks, project management teams gain the bandwidth to embark on more projects while fostering deeper connections with clients. Onboarding teams can dive deeper with clients to learn about their goals, pain points, and preferences. These insights empower teams to deliver tailored experiences and solutions that transcend automation’s capabilities. By freeing themselves up, project teams can forge stronger connections with clients that support lasting partnerships.


Setuply Is Your Project Management Automation Partner

Think of Setuply as your trusted partner, seamlessly integrating with the human touch in client onboarding and lifecycle management. Our all-in-one platform offers cutting-edge automation tools and capabilities that simplify and optimize the management of client projects. From streamlining task assignments and resource allocation to enhancing reporting and communications, Setuply simplifies every step. By empowering your team to dedicate more of their time to strategic initiatives, you’ll watch your client satisfaction and business success soar.

Ready to unlock your full potential in client project management? See how our solutions can help.