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Jerry the Sloth and the Setuply team at HR Tech 2023
SetuplyOct 20, 2023 11:00:00 AM2 min read

The 3 Big Takeaways from HR Tech 2023

It has been just a few weeks since HR Tech, and we’re still reveling in the experience! We appreciated the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of human resources technology and learn about the latest industry trends — all while making new friends. 

While we’ll share photos of some of the friends we made (Jerry the Sloth included) shortly, we wanted to first dive into what all the buzz was about at HR Tech 2023. Here were three of the big talking points at this year’s event.

AI is the HR Word of the Day

AI is becoming a cornerstone of HR operations, providing unprecedented opportunities for innovation and transformation. It is changing the way HR departments source and select job candidates, how they onboard employees, and how they engage with employees post-onboarding, and more — making each process more efficient and effective. 

The use of AI is a balancing act, though. HR tech vendors need to know what risks there are with using tools like ChatGPT before jumping on the AI bandwagon. It’s important to stay mindful of proprietary information being sent to the cloud, as well as the fact that AI is limited in answering questions and completing tasks. 

Vendors also need to understand how to use AI tools to their advantage without discarding the value of the human interactions that clients still want. After all, there is still an “H” in HR!


The Rise of Employee Engagement Solutions

The current job market is highly competitive. In this uphill battle, more companies are recognizing the need to find ways to differentiate themselves as a choice for top talent. Employees need a sense of purpose and fulfillment to feel engaged in the workplace — and the right tools can bridge that connection.

This dynamic helps explain the continued rise of employee engagement solutions. HR departments want tools and platforms that can help them measure and enhance employee engagement, and vendors are delivering solutions to support organizations.

Connecting this conversation back to AI, AI-powered tools are giving HR professionals more insights into employee engagement challenges. Predictive analytics, for instance, help HR departments track employee disengagement trends and proactively intervene. 


Growth of Applicant Tracking & Recruiting Solutions

Modern HR departments oversee a broader range of functions. With limited resources, they’re juggling multiple responsibilities: employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, etc.

Applicant tracking and recruiting solutions have proven to be an indispensable tool for HR departments to accomplish more with less — and hence, their presence continues to grow. By automating administrative tasks like posting job listings and scheduling job interviews, HR professionals can focus on higher-value tasks that pertain to their role.


Delivering Client Onboarding Solutions to HR Tech Providers

We walked away from HR Tech with a deeper understanding of the state of the industry and measures that are being taken to support HR professionals. As HR tech providers continue to innovate to meet modern demands and expectations, we can support them with a streamlined client onboarding experience. While we’ll ensure a consistent, engaging onboarding experience for clients, HR tech providers can focus on innovation.

To round out today’s discussion, we’ll leave you with a few more fun photos from our time at HR Tech. We already can’t wait to come back next year and visit with old friends!