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a team of employees analyzing client onboarding metrics
SetuplyMay 16, 2024 11:00:00 AM4 min read

How to Put Client Onboarding Metrics to Work

Ever wondered how well your client onboarding process is working? Or perhaps where it could use a bit of polishing?

The answers to these questions hold the key to taking your onboarding journey from good to exceptional. And that’s a big step in the right direction: After all, 90% of customers feel the companies they buy from could do better when it comes to the onboarding process.

To delight clients from the get-go, anticipate their needs, and guide them toward their goals, solution providers need to operate off more than feelings of what’s working and what’s not; they need visibility into client onboarding metrics. It goes back to the age-old sentiment that you can only effectively manage what you can measure.

Setuply provides a single, holistic window into the onboarding experience. With the ability to zero in on meaningful metrics, you'll have the insights to drive unparalleled efficiency and client satisfaction. 


The Value of Client Onboarding Metrics

Consider this metric: the timespan between when a deal closes and onboarding begins. If the wait times are too long, it can impact client satisfaction to the point where they drop off. In fact, nearly one-third of businesses say the length of the onboarding process is the biggest cause of customer drop-off.

Another example is the onboarding completion percentage. You may find that clients are dropping off in specific stages of the onboarding journey, which can prompt the need to provide added support. At the same time, you can see areas where engagement peaks.

Key client onboarding metrics like these — more of which you can read about here — help guide solution providers toward more effective onboarding strategies. But before you can use these metrics to your advantage, you must be able to gather and share this data with the rest of your team. 

As highlighted in our most recent thought leadership webinar, Setuply simplifies this process so your team can perform at top capacity while ensuring clients are satisfied. 


Setuply Offers Visibility Into Key Client Onboarding Metrics

With Setuply, solution providers have the tools to assess the success of their current client onboarding program and uncover opportunities to make strategic changes for the future. Here are some of the ways that our all-in-one platform helps you take control.


Streamlining the Sales to Onboarding Handoff

The transition from sales to onboarding marks a pivotal moment in the client journey. Through Setuply’s intuitive dashboards, account executives can easily track the progress of closed deals in real time to enable seamless handoffs that include all the relevant information and documentation. AEs can also track project closure dates, using this as a catalyst to check in with clients and share upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


Supporting Informed Project Planning

Setuply’s project planning dashboard equips teams with everything they need to assign staff to projects quickly. With the ability to visualize project backlogs and assess resource availability — as well as the skills and specialties of these resources —  management can make projects active faster and ensure they have the right team members for the job. With insights into their current employees’ skill sets, managers can also make more informed decisions around new hires.


Empowering Client Onboarding Teams

As projects kick off, Setuply allows onboarding teams to maintain a holistic view of their responsibilities via personalized dashboards. Team members can map out their days based on the tasks assigned to them and the associated due dates. Onboarding team leaders, meanwhile, can track the completion times of tasks and compare these results across the team. It’s an easy way to recognize top performers and other training opportunities.


Delivering Leadership Insights

Setuply’s reports and widgets give leaders instant visibility into key client onboarding metrics. For instance, with a view of completed projects, leaders can connect the dots between projects closing on time, early, or late and the revenue at stake. While ensuring the onboarding team’s impact on the bottom line is never overlooked, this information underscores the value of and need for an appropriately staffed team.


Use Client Onboarding Metrics to Drive Success

With Setuply, you're not just gaining access to client onboarding metrics — you're unlocking insights that can revolutionize the way you onboard clients. Our intuitive dashboards and real-time reports offer a bird's-eye view of every stage of the onboarding journey, giving you the clarity you need to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change.

With Setuply, client onboarding success isn’t just a goal. By harnessing actionable insights and data-driven decision-making, you can transform your onboarding process, delighting clients every step of the way.

Want to see more examples of how our platform delivers meaningful metrics to various onboarding stakeholders? Tune into the on-demand webinar recording. Trust us — you won’t want to miss it!