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SetuplyJan 8, 2024 2:00:00 PM1 min read

Did You Know January Is Mental Wellness Month?

It’s your favorite sloth, Jerry, coming to you from the cooler climates of New Hampshire — where Setuply is headquartered! While January may be the kick-off to 2024, it’s also Mental Wellness Month. That's right: an entire month dedicated to nurturing our minds and spirits. What’s better than that?

Think of Mental Wellness Month as a time to shed the old and welcome the new, much like trees shed their leaves. It’s the perfect opportunity to start the year with a refreshed mindset and embrace growth opportunities. Below are some simple ideas to make the most of this month-long celebration!

Go for a Quiet Stroll

Whether it's a snowy landscape in New Hampshire or a sunny path in a warmer climate, step outside and enjoy a leisurely walk. The air, whether crisp and wintry or warm and breezy, offers a serene feel as you take in your surroundings. Being one with nature is an ideal way to clear your mind.


Kick Back with a Favorite Beverage

Nothing says relaxation quite like unwinding with your favorite beverage! Cozy up at your favorite spot in the house with a blanket and your choice of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee. It’s the perfect moment to pause from the daily hustle and reflect on life's simple joys.


Carve Out Time for Yoga & Meditation

As a sloth who revels in the present moment and deliberate movements, I’ve always appreciated yoga and meditation practice. Create a comfortable space in your home with blankets and candles to lead your own session indoors. Winter's quiet and reflective atmosphere pairs nicely with the calming effects of yoga and meditation on the mind.


Embrace Hygee Crafting

Do as the Danish do! The Danish concept of hygge refers to coziness, and engaging in hygge crafting is an ideal way to unwind and reduce stress. Whether it’s knitting a scarf or making homemade winter-scented candles, immersing yourself in these activities can be therapeutic. Sharing these experiences with friends and family makes it all the better!

This Mental Wellness Month, let’s celebrate the beauty around us and take intentional steps to care for ourselves. Sloth hugs and warm wishes to you all this January!