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SetuplySep 28, 2023 1:00:00 PM< 1 min read

Setuply Will Be at the HR Tech Conference!

Hello my human friends! While I’m taking my time in the treetops, I’m admiring all of the innovation that’s taking shape in the workplace. I can’t help but appreciate the efficiency and productivity that new HR technologies bring to the table — and how Setuply’s client onboarding solution supports these innovators.

I’m particularly excited for my colleagues to attend the upcoming HR Tech conference and showcase what the Setuply platform can do. In addition to being an exhibitor at the event, Setuply will also host an hour-long demo that dives deep into the automation and tools that simplify HCM software implementation. It’s the key to streamlining workloads for your onboarding teams while creating more of the experience your clients demand.

I’ll be cheering on my team while they showcase how better client onboarding benefits everyone involved. But this time, it won’t be from the tree branches. If you see a sloth roaming around the event, it’s me — don’t hesitate to grab my attention and say hello!