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an operations expert at a SaaS company endures the frustrations of onboarding new clients
SetuplyJul 13, 2023 2:08:16 PM3 min read

Pain Points for Operations Experts in Onboarding New Clients

With the goal of improving workflows across every department, operations experts at software companies are no stranger to the value of good client onboarding. After all, a smooth, efficient transition to a new software platform lays the foundation for a positive client experience that boosts satisfaction, retention, adoption, and revenue generation.

But, like onboarding reps and SaaS leaders, operations experts run into their own set of challenges when it comes to onboarding new clients. While these challenges can vary based on the nature of the software, how complex the implementation is, and individual client needs, some general themes have emerged in discussions with operations teams.

Issue #1: Communication Gaps

Onboarding new clients requires cross-functional collaboration across multiple teams, from sales all the way to customer support. Keeping everyone on the same page is vital to avoid misunderstandings and delays in the onboarding process. Yet, more often than not, businesses lack the structured communication channels to enable synchronization.  

Sure, project management tools can be beneficial in keeping up with onboarding tasks and timelines. But the scope of client onboarding extends far beyond that. There needs to be tools that allow team members to have richer, real-time discussions that keep the client onboarding process on track and enjoyable for internal teams and clients alike.


Issue #2: Resource Constraints

At any given time, a software company is onboarding multiple clients simultaneously. It’s up to operations teams to carefully allocate their resources to make sure each client gets the onboarding support they demand. However, limited access to skilled personnel and infrastructure can make this “divide-and-conquer” approach difficult. 

While stretched capacities are an issue now, the future of the SaaS industry is bound to make resource constraints an even more pressing problem. To put this in perspective, it’s projected the SaaS industry will experience its largest annual growth between 2022 and 2023, reaching a value of $195.2 billion by the end of this year. Without automation and process optimization to support this growth, good onboarding won’t be sustainable. 


Issue #3: A Lack of Standardization

It’s no secret that every new SaaS client brings different expectations and needs to the table. Operations teams can often resort to ad hoc adjustments to meet these individual requirements. While this can solve the problem for a single client, the onboarding model isn’t scalable, as it requires a heavy lift from operations. What’s more, the onboarding experience lacks consistency, which means varying levels of service quality for clients.

When onboarding is treated like a unique undertaking with each new client — a far too common scenario — teams have to dedicate a lot more time and effort to meeting client requirements. Alongside these operational inefficiencies, a lack of standardization also makes it hard for SaaS companies to assess performance metrics related to onboarding and identify areas for improvement. All the while, competitors are upping their game to earn more of the market share.


Streamline Client Onboarding Operations with Setuply

Every moment counts when getting new clients up and running on your SaaS platform. But tracking between multiple onboarding tools, sending out client follow-ups/reminders, and other manual time sinks can derail operational excellence.

Setuply, a client onboarding automation solution, introduces the tools operations teams need to turn client onboarding into a profit driver:

  • Centralized communication channels for real-time collaboration and transparency
  • Secure, streamlined data migration that requires less manual effort and reduces risk
  • Standardized templates and workflows that make onboarding more efficient and uniform

With Setuply, SaaS companies are positioned to unlock the true potential of client onboarding. By enabling a smooth transition to your SaaS platform, you’ll accelerate time-to-value and establish stronger relationships with your clients that are less subject to churn.

Prepare to be amazed by the possibilities. Request a Setuply demo today!