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SetuplyApr 24, 2024 11:00:00 AM2 min read

How to Streamline Service Delivery for Accounting Firm Clients

From the onboarding phase to annual audits, every interaction an accounting firm has with its clients impacts the relationship and the business’ reputation. When deadlines are met, communication flows are seamless, and processes are frictionless, accounting firm clients feel valued, heard, and confident the firm can handle their sensitive financial needs with precision and care.

To enhance every aspect of service delivery, accounting firms need a comprehensive solution that supports every aspect of client management. Setuply checks all the right boxes.

Why Effective Client Management Is Critical

The level of competition among accounting firms has steadily increased over the years. At the same time, industry reports show that 87% of clients have come to expect not only more flexibility from firms but also improved service levels without an increase in their rates. These demands have made effective client management even more critical.

For accounting firms, client management extends beyond a series of transactions. It’s about creating enduring partnerships built on trust, transparency, and efficiency. 

There are, of course, operational challenges that can hinder service delivery to clients. Accounting firms aren’t always in a position to engage clients in the most effective way, especially when you consider only 1% of firms can find enough staff to fill their ranks. They’re also dealing with the challenge of ensuring client data remains secure and maintaining scalable processes to keep up with growth in client volumes and services.

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Client Management

Deliver consistent, high-quality service. Safeguard client data. Foster long-term loyalty. 

Accounting firms can achieve these key business objectives with a holistic approach to client management. That’s because they can ensure that no aspect of the client relationship falls through the cracks internally and externally, from the minutiae of monthly reconciliations to the rigors of annual audits. It’s particularly important for medium- to large-size accounting firms to ensure better visibility and control over their accounting staff that supports customers.

Setuply’s automation platform supports a seamless transition from client onboarding to ongoing financial management for accounting firms and their clients. The platform’s cutting-edge features and functionalities make it a catalyst for industry transformation and growth:

  • Access comprehensive libraries of customized project templates to expedite the setup of projects and maintain consistency and accuracy across all operations.
  • Provide the ability to automatically trigger new project creation based on the type of relationship in place and client needs.
  • Enable real-time project tracking and collaboration through a robust portal that keeps team members and clients synchronized and well-informed at every step.
  • Provide branded customer portals where customers can review the status of their projects, complete necessary digital paperwork, communicate with their accounting team, and access their documentation.
  • Automate data collection and enable flexible project management to deliver even higher levels of precision, efficiency, and personalization in client-based projects.

Setuply equips accounting firms with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive, service-driven landscape. Firms can streamline their operations while focusing on what truly matters most: delivering exceptional value to their clients and supporting enduring relationships.

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