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SetuplyJun 8, 2023 11:00:00 AM1 min read

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork — See Photos from Our Team Collaboration Adventures!

While I may like to spend my days lounging solo in the trees, I can also appreciate the value of coming together as a group. After all, engaging in team activities can help power better collaboration, communication, camaraderie, and creativity.

That’s why I’m so glad to report that the Setuply team was able to get together in the country of Georgia for this exact reason. With our product team members all on-site, the full team was able to get some productive work done during a collaborative workshop. 

But they also had fun too! 

The team took the opportunity to explore the country’s incredible history, scenery, and people. Some of the highlights included trying out their competitive muscle in the Tbilisi Street Quest and trying their hand at cooking some Georgian specialties like Khinkali, Georgian dumplings, and churchkhela, a candy-like dessert.

While you’ve hopefully enjoyed hearing about their travels, you might be interested in seeing some photos of their adventures. I know I wanted to. Good news: my team sent me quite a few!


The Setuply teams look for a matching lock for their key during the Tbilisi Street Quest.

505469823-20230528_173154A local chef guides the team on how to make khinkali. Yam!


The churchkhela starts to take shape too during the team’s cooking class.


A group shot of the Setuply team near Narikala Fortress!


Beautiful Tbilisi all lit up at nighttime. Thank you for your hospitality!