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SetuplyFeb 16, 2023 11:00:00 AM2 min read

The Tao of the Sloth - Announcing Setuply's New Mascot

We've always had a mascot chosen to exemplify our business's personality and values. And, while she usually stayed hidden behind the Easter Eggs to challenge and bring amusement to developers who created them and team members and clients who discovered them, her purpose was to bring joy and fun to our work.

With Setuply, we had contemplated a few ideas until Sloth appeared and gently but firmly established his presence virtually everywhere, across our solutions, our approach to solving customer challenges, and even our conversations. As we continue learning more about these amazing animals, we can’t imagine any other spirit animal being able better to represent Setuply's values, goals, and aspirations.

Contentment and Satisfaction

When we thought about the contentment and satisfaction one feels with a job well done and goals accomplished, Sloth was right there nodding his head with a half smile on his face. No matter what’s happening in the world, they stay calm, cool, and collected. As the world continues to throw challenges our way it's important to keep calm and carry on :). Just like Sloth.

Deliberate and Efficient

Sloths, in nature, are deliberate and efficient, wasting no energy on unnecessary tasks. Similarly, the Setuply vision is that a perfect client onboarding process needs to be intentional, deliberate, and systematic. It should automate and eliminate anything that does not result in the optimal onboarding experience.

On Top of the World and In the Know

Sloths love to stay in the treetops. This makes perfect sense. A 360-degree view of client onboarding gives a complete, real-time picture of the process and its connection points with other operating areas, providing actional improvements and optimization insights. Convinced yet?

As any sloth expert knows, they only make their way down to the ground once per week - to do their business. Doing so nourishes the tree they live on and the environment.

Giving and Caring

You see, the Sloth doesn't need much, but it gives back a lot. Setuply's client onboarding automation solutions help do just that. By taking the hassle out of onboarding, your time and resources are freed up so you can focus on the essential things - giving back to your clients and helping grow their business and yours.

The Sloth may not be the immediately obvious spirit animal that comes to mind related to onboarding project management, but it's the ideal symbol of what we stand for - serenity, resourcefulness, efficiency, and giving back.

If you're looking for a way to improve your client onboarding process, look no further than Setuply! We'll help you take your business to new heights while, err…, staying grounded in the things that matter as well :)

Welcome to the world, Jerry! :)

From Rachel Lyubovitzky