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ERP & FinTech Client Onboarding

Why the client onboarding experience is critical in the ERP & FinTech industry

A good client onboarding experience can lay the groundwork for long-term partnerships between FinTech/ERP providers and clients. By demonstrating a commitment to efficiency and security in the onboarding process, providers are able to build trust with their digitally sophisticated clients. In what’s a highly regulated sector, a sense of confidence established in the ERP and FinTech client onboarding process goes a long way in enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.

Key challenges in delivering a frictionless onboarding experience

  • Dealing with an array of historical data that spans across different periods, accounts, and transaction types
  • Having to organize and integrate complex data — sometimes from legacy systems — into your solution
  • Ensuring adherence to all relevant compliance measures, looping in external expertise where needed
  • Keeping clients informed and involved at every stage as complexity abounds

Level up your ERP and FinTech client onboarding.

Why investing in a client onboarding solution makes sense

There’s a delicate balance when it comes to navigating the complexities of financial systems and ensuring the accuracy of every transaction, process, and historical record. With a client onboarding solution, FinTech and ERP providers are in a position to meet these exact needs. Structured tools can help support meticulous data handling, streamlined communications with clients, and stringent compliance measures that respect the industry’s complexities and nuances. From day one of their new system’s implementation, financial institutions and businesses will be primed for success.

Setuply helps you streamline ERP & FinTech client onboarding

Setuply’s all-in-one onboarding automation platform addresses the complexities and regulatory requirements that the FinTech and ERP industry faces. Our solution makes the client onboarding process seamless and efficient for everyone involved.
Simplify Data Collection

Guide clients through the data collection process with helpful tools to ensure that every piece of information is accurately sourced and integrated into the new system.

Prioritize Client Engagement Maintain open lines of communication with clients so you can continuously get their feedback and ensure that their needs and concerns are always top of mind.  
Access Robust Compliance

Leverage robust compliance measures established in our solution, while having the flexibility to seamlessly rope in and collaborate with other external experts.


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