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a graphic depicting the use of single-point project management solutions vs. centralized project management
SetuplyMay 30, 2024 11:00:00 AM2 min read

Future-Proofing Client Relationships with Centralized Project Management: A Real-World Example


Clients have come to expect seamless, efficient service delivery from businesses. There’s a growing demand for quick responses, personalized experiences, and smooth interactions across all touch points. When solution providers can successfully meet these demands, there’s a big payoff: customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that aren’t.

But solution providers need their internal processes to be equally seamless to create exceptional client experiences, from managing projects to delivering relevant cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Trading in a stack of single-point solutions for centralized project and client management solutions supports these efforts.


The Power of Connected Workflows in Project Management

Consider project management in the context of new client onboarding. Research shows 60% of companies use between four to six tools for customer onboarding

Centralized project management streamlines the onboarding process by integrating various functions into one cohesive platform, from documentation and communication to task assignments and timelines.

Having all onboarding data and information easily accessible in a single location eliminates the need for multiple tools like email, document sharing platforms, and task managers. While reducing administrative overhead and resource expenditure, a unified system offers real-time visibility that fosters clear communication between stakeholders and the quick resolution of any issues. Streamlined collaboration accelerates success.

Once onboarding is complete, centralized project management continues to enhance the client experience. The same integrated platform used for onboarding can be used to manage ongoing client projects and initiatives. With seamless access to historical data, communication logs, and task records, sales, implementation, and support teams can maintain continuity and context throughout the relationship to ensure their clients’ needs are consistently met.


CheckmateHCM Benefits From Centralized Project Management

CheckmateHCM, a leading provider of integrated HR services, has experienced the benefits of centralized project management firsthand.

While driven to deliver the best experiences to clients, CheckmateHCM’s reliance on an assortment of single-point solutions made achieving this goal difficult. Maintaining cohesion during client projects required more manual work, increasing overhead and taking away valuable time and resources from strategic business activities.

With Setuply, CheckmateHCM was able to consolidate its fragmented processes into a more efficient, AI-powered platform that streamlines the management of client projects — onboarding included. Automating onboarding processes and consolidating data into one platform has freed up bandwidth for the business, giving the team more time to focus on improving their client interactions and expanding their service offerings.

As Joshua Robinson, CheckmateHCM’s CEO, notes: "Setuply is more than just a process or project management tool. It’s a comprehensive client management solution that integrates every phase of the client lifecycle, beginning with the initial implementation."


To learn more about how CheckmateHCM has streamlined its project management and client management with Setuply, read the full case study.