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Jerry hanging out
SetuplyFeb 22, 2024 2:00:00 PM3 min read

Embracing Empathy: Insights from Jerry the Sloth on Deepening Client Connections

As a sloth, I spend a lot of my time up in the treetops. While I understand the urge to race to the top, I’m a big believer in navigating each branch with care, engaging with my tree, and enjoying the journey!

I like to think of client relationships from a similar perspective. From what I’ve observed in the business world, the success and longevity of client relationships are directly tied to the time you spend connecting with clients. The more in rhythm you are with your clients at every step, the more of an organic relationship and strong bond you can build.

Try these strategies to make your client connections flourish like a well-nurtured tree — with onboarding being the kickoff point.


1. Develop Trust Through Consistent, Reliable Interactions

Clients want to have a dependable companion in solution providers. After a new deal is signed, offering clients a clear communication plan that maps out key milestones, timelines, and points of contact is helpful. You could also assign a dedicated point of contact so clients know who to reach out to for prompt answers to their questions. It should be easy to ask these questions and track responses so no need goes overlooked — as is the case with Setuply’s Question feature.


2. Surprise Your Clients With Thoughtful Gestures

Small surprises can go a long way in making clients feel valued. My company, Setuply, can help automate client communications during onboarding, but you can also take an extra step to make them more personable without losing consistency. You can use these emails as a means to introduce key team members to a new client, provide an overview of the onboarding process, or make regular follow-ups more engaging and fun. While clients will appreciate the information provided, the outreach helps set a positive tone for the relationship.


3. Stay Connected Through Regular Check-ins

Speaking of the follow-ups, consistent check-ins further demonstrate your commitment to a client’s journey. One idea is to schedule regular progress meetings to ensure continued alignment throughout client onboarding. At the same time, you can arm your clients with tools so they can quickly check in with you too. For instance, is there a way for clients to formally request changes to onboarding projects based on their evolving needs? (In Setuply, the answer is yes.) This approach offers convenience for clients and transparency for stakeholders, ensuring they don’t feel forgotten. 


4. Celebrate Incremental Successes

Wins at any point in the client journey are worth celebrating. When all of a client’s documentation is collected, you could acknowledge the completion of this milestone with a personalized email. Consider highlighting it through a virtual recognition board when a user completes their initial training session. These small gestures create a culture of celebrating accomplishment that makes onboarding successful and enjoyable for clients.


5. Understand Your Clients On a More Personal Level

While understanding clients' professional needs, there’s value in connecting with them personally, too. In early discussions and onboarding surveys, take the time to ask about your client’s personal preferences, from preferred communication styles to their growth goals. Showing a genuine interest in individual needs helps tailor your client interactions in the best way possible and fosters a more collaborative environment.

Onboarding is where you can start to connect with clients on a deeper level. I enjoy watching our clients at Setuply be able to spend more time with their customers with all that busy, tedious work out of the way. They can use that newfound time to engage with their customers and connect with them more meaningfully. And as we know, having that strong foundation in place means a smoother journey to the top!