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SetuplyFeb 27, 2024 11:00:00 AM3 min read

MedTech Industry Insights: Modernizing Client Onboarding

B2B tech providers are rapidly changing their offerings to meet digital adoption and regulatory requirements. As MedTech industry insights highlight, this impact is particularly significant for MedTech software providers, whose solutions can directly affect the lives of humans. There’s a need to accelerate the delivery of solutions to healthcare providers — and client onboarding automation tools can help with that.

At its core, client onboarding automation tools help MedTech companies streamline their processes. But this only scratches the surface of compelling reasons to invest. More and more MedTech solution providers are starting to look at the bigger picture — and connect the value of a good client onboarding experience with better outcomes for their customers and the individuals they serve.

Here’s a look at some other areas where modernized client onboarding makes its mark.


✓ Improved Client Satisfaction

While client expectations are increasingly impacting the way MedTech products are developed, a similar sentiment applies to the onboarding experience. Clients have come to expect clear communications, personalized interactions, and easy-to-access information throughout their onboarding journey. From automated workflows to email communications, the onboarding process becomes faster and more efficient for clients.


✓ Ensured Consistency & Compliance

By standardizing client onboarding workflows, MedTech solution providers can ensure each client has a uniform onboarding experience. Providers can systematically gather all the client data and documentation that’s needed, while upholding industry standards. There’s less likelihood of human error in automated data entry and processing, and built-in security measures can further protect sensitive information. What’s more, the automated tracking of steps throughout the client onboarding process offers added transparency and accountability that further reinforces regulatory guideline adherence. 


✓ Greater Scalability

As MedTech providers expand their client base and product offerings, their client onboarding process has to accommodate this growth. A modernized onboarding toolkit supports scalability without increasing administrative burdens and labor costs. MedTech providers can cater to a wider audience while maintaining the quality of their client onboarding experience. All the while, a provider’s staff can focus on strategic activities like client relationship management, product development, and market expansion.


✓ Faster Time To Value

The more efficient and seamless the MedTech client onboarding process becomes, the faster clients can realize the value from their investment. While automated data migration tools allow for the swift transfer of information from legacy systems to new technology, built-in training workflows assure that clients know how to leverage the full capabilities of their new technology. Together, these types of features position healthcare providers to improve their patient care and operational efficiency sooner.


✓ Access to Insights & Reports

At one point or another, MedTech providers may have stopped to wonder: What is the average timespan of a client onboarding project? Or: What is the onboarding completion percentage rate? Automation tools can help answer these and other key questions as they collect and analyze onboarding process data. From these insights, MedTech providers can monitor staff capacity and performance as well as identify any red flags in terms of areas of customer drop-off.


✓ Enhanced Agility & Flexibility

With a structured and uniform approach for client onboarding, MedTech providers are better positioned to adapt when the market demands it. Having this baseline in place makes it easier to accommodate the addition of new products and services, as well as any changes in regulatory requirements. The ability to pivot fast is just another way that client onboarding technology helps providers stay ahead in a competitive market.


Gain a Strategic Advantage with Client Onboarding Automation

Setuply’s all-in-one automation platform goes beyond basic project management tools to support successful client onboarding. While driving efficiency in MedTech implementations, our platform is flexible enough that providers can customize workflows to enable industry-specific collaboration and deliver personalized experiences to clients. Through engaging, supportive onboarding experiences powered by Setuply, clients can get the solutions they need to help their customers deliver the optimal quality of care.

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