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colleagues enjoy streamlined processes with new client onboarding tools
SetuplyMar 14, 2024 11:00:00 AM3 min read

Level Up Your Efforts With New Client Onboarding Tools From Setuply

How do you stay ahead in delivering the best onboarding experience? For us, it’s a matter of listening to our customers’ feedback and continuing to innovate to deliver new client onboarding tools.

Here’s a round-up of the latest enhancements you’ll find in the Setuply platform. If you’re interested in seeing them in action yourself, don’t hesitate to schedule a demo!

Feature #1: Questions Functionality

Let’s say you have multiple stakeholders on both sides of an onboarding project and you’re at a decision point. An answer needs to come fast and in a way that’s visible to everyone involved. With our new Questions feature, the question is run through an automated system, meaning the question (and its answer) won’t get lost in emails or message boards.

Questions-Data Form Question Type- Client View

Say goodbye to the days of digging through endless chats or comments to see if your questions have been answered. With our new Questions feature, Setuply users can precisely direct questions to team members and effortlessly track responses through AI. 

You’ll have clarity at your fingertips to ensure no questions are left unanswered. As you streamline communication and collaboration, you’ll also improve client engagement.


Feature #2: Data Forms

Thanks to our new Data Forms feature, data collection is easier than ever before. When you need to collect important information from your clients, there’s no need to configure forms on a third-party product. A built-in electronic form solution lets you create forms tailored to your unique needs right in the Setuply platform — and alerts the right stakeholders of the next steps. Forms are presented to clients at the right moments, with AI dynamically adjusting questions based on previous answers.

Client Portal Data Form Task Completion

You can also use Setuply’s Data Forms feature to kick off new projects and run surveys, among hundreds of other use cases. Additionally, you’ll have convenient access to form template libraries that are designed to help you get up and running faster.


Feature #3: Secure Data Repository

Another feature that sets Setuply apart from other client onboarding platforms is our built-in secure data staging solution.

Data Staging Import #5

Whether you’re collecting customers’ historical data, migrating data between different solutions, or simply storing relevant project information, Setuply’s secure data repository offers an easier way to collect, validate, and transform data. Having it uniquely built into the platform, data handling becomes more accessible while security and efficiency are maintained every step of the way. Designed with business users in mind, this enhanced feature lets you configure virtually any variety of data models.


Feature #4: Customer Engagement Portal

For the onboarding journey to be successful, the customer experience needs to be a top priority. After all, it’s a pivotal step in building long-term provider-customer relationships. To this end, customers need a place where they can come to get answers to their questions, securely store their data, and maintain overall transparency in a project.

Setuply’s new Customer Engagement Portal supports these needs by giving clients greater visibility into projects via a clear, intuitive interface. Clients can quickly address any tasks on their plate, monitor project progress, and access critical information. By bringing the most important aspects of a project to the forefront, clients are empowered to actively help drive onboarding forward.

Client View-Project Dashboard


Feature #5: Automated Project Creation

Initiating new onboarding projects should be a quick, frictionless process — and with Setuply’s new Automated Project Creation feature, it is! New project data is seamlessly pulled from CRM systems, case/ticketing, data forms, and other places to ensure no detail is missed in the transition from sales to implementation. The feature can also intelligently assign tasks to appropriate staff, further reducing manual efforts and driving scalable processes. Setuply’s mascot, Jerry the Sloth, approves!

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