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SetuplyJun 28, 2023 10:59:53 AM3 min read

What's Got Solution Leaders Stressed in SaaS Customer Onboarding?

SaaS customer onboarding has a direct impact on the foundation that’s established for customer success. So it’s only natural for it to be a significant stressor for leaders at SaaS solution companies. After all, the more successful SaaS customers are, the more likely they are to not only stick with the solution but also advocate for others to utilize it.

In an ideal world, SaaS leaders want to create a customer onboarding experience that fosters positive client relationships, enables business growth, and earns a competitive edge. But there are bumps in the SaaS customer onboarding road — and we want to share some of the biggest hurdles we’ve heard from solution provider leaders as of late.

Failing to Meet Client Expectations

When a SaaS solution provider closes on a deal with a client, promises are made as to the scope of the project as well as the benefits the software will deliver. Clients operate under these expectations in the onboarding process, and when reality doesn’t match up to them, SaaS leaders know there’s a higher likelihood for customer dissatisfaction and customer churn.

We can see this scenario play out when unforeseen integration challenges emerge in a SaaS implementation. Client onboarding teams can find themselves spending more time and resources to synchronize data between different systems while delaying the go-live date.


Establishing Good Communication

SaaS leaders know the value of having clear and open lines of communication with clients — and that starts with the onboarding process. Clients need to be provided with timely updates about the project’s progress as well as have resources readily available to promptly address any questions or concerns.

So when there is ambiguity or confusion in SaaS customer onboarding, it’s a source of stress for SaaS leaders. A lack of efficient and accessible communication channels can leave clients in the dark with unresolved issues and make it difficult for different teams to collaborate in a unified manner.


Accelerating Clients’ Time to Value

SaaS software is a big investment for clients, and they want to see the value from that investment as quickly as possible. A big part of that is ensuring that the SaaS customer onboarding process is free of unnecessary complexities and provides tools that enable clients to accelerate their time to value.

Think about this in the context of workflows. While every client needs a clear, structured path to follow in SaaS onboarding, there’s not a one-size fits all approach. SaaS providers need to have the flexibility to alter workflows based on a client’s requirements and business processes so clients have an easier time adopting the solution — and are in turn more likely to champion the SaaS brand.


The Inability to Replicate Processes

Every SaaS leader is thinking about growth and acquiring more clients. But can client onboarding processes scale with the business? Traditionally, the answer has been no.

When SaaS customer onboarding relies on manual data imports, configurations, and communications, businesses can fail to efficiently handle increased client volumes and in turn create bottlenecks in their growth. At the same time, the quality and accuracy of the onboarding experience can vary from one client to the next, which can lead to more dissatisfaction.


Reimagine SaaS Customer Onboarding with Setuply

Customer onboarding doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing process for SaaS leaders. Why? Because there’s Setuply, a transformative client onboarding automation platform.

With automation tools designed to streamline the onboarding process, you’ll empower client onboarding teams to handle larger client onboarding volumes without having to sacrifice quality or increase overhead. You’ll also enable a degree of standardization that ensures every client receives the same high-quality onboarding experience that is rooted in real-time visibility, optimized workflows, and superior customer communication.

Ready to reimagine SaaS customer onboarding? Contact us. As you share more with us about the customer onboarding struggles you face today as a SaaS solution provider leader, we’ll show you how our solution can help you pave the way for a better future.