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Game Changing
Onboarding Experience

Whether it is onboarding a brand new client, supporting a rolling module implementation, or even tackling a massive a cross-client solution upgrade, Setuply helps to make the experience more scalable and enjoyable for all.

Solution Highlights

Client Transparency

  • No more wondering if we are there yet - clients are empowered to find out in real time
  • Secure communications & gentle engaging nudges ensure all the data needed is on hand to speed to prioritize onboarding 
  • Clear interface to smooth the transition to the new vendor solution so that the client could start reaping the benefits faster

Data Management

  • Secure data imports from multiple sources and in a variety of formats
  • Verify the staging data
  • Transform the information into the destination format and deploy it securely


Onboarding is the clients' bridge into your business; it’s only natural to connect that bridge to other areas of your business: sales, client success, help desk, finance, team communications, and more.

  • Hubspot, Salesforce, and other Sales and Marketing platforms
  • Zendesk, ServiceNow, and other Client success solutions
  • Delighted, Zapier, and more to name a few

Professional Services Automation

  • Intelligent AI-driven learning systems track your implementation team’s KPIs
  • Cost tracking and forecasting drive insights into one of your company's biggest cost drivers 
  • Powerful analytics put you in the driver seat to convert onboarding into strategic differentiator

Not Your Grandma's Speadsheet

  • Web-based, adaptive, and mobile, Setuply makes your onboarding experience simple and beautiful 
  • Designed to follow your lead and adapt with your needs
  • It's everything you've been waiting for