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How Setuply supports
client onboarding managers

Steer the onboarding ship to success

As a client onboarding manager, you know the importance of being able to help your team cross the onboarding finish line with precision and ease. But to do that, you need clarity. Effective management requires an intuitive command center where you can find all the information you need to support a seamless onboarding experience for your team and ultimately your clients.

Setuply benefits every client onboarding stakeholder.

Setuply transforms your operations by:

  • Allowing you to promptly identify bottlenecks and ensure projects stay on track
  • Giving you access to detailed reports related to team capacity and throughput
  • Offering you insights on how to make the most efficient use of your resources
  • Providing tools to support faster task delegation and change request approvals
  • Supporting a fluid workflow that benefits onboarding teams and clients alike
“As more and more software solutions move to the cloud and are subscription-based, the need to quickly get a new customer up and running and using the software is more important than ever.”
David HannaFounder of Paystubz

Position yourself as a leader and innovator

Bringing a client onboarding automation platform to the table shows a strategic understanding of the importance of operational efficiency and digital transformation. Advocating for the use of automation demonstrates your commitment to streamlining processes for your team while contributing to leadership’s cost-effectiveness goals. You’ll be seen as a proactive problem-solver set on providing the best client experience.

Why specialized client onboarding tools are a must-have

If your organization isn’t already using the latest and best client onboarding tools, the need to invest is clear. With these tools, you can eliminate bumps in the road and pave the way for better client onboarding:


  • Operate more efficiently via automated data collection and communications
  • Reduce the risk of costly errors, omissions, and data compliance issues
  • Improve client satisfaction so they are more likely to turn into long-term clients
  • Make data-driven decisions to remove bottlenecks and maximize performance
  • Generate significant cost savings with a more scalable onboarding process

Experience how Setuply can transform your onboarding.


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