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How Setuply supports
client onboarding reps

Focus on your priorities — we'll handle the details

As a client onboarding representative, your strengths lie in consultative, strategic collaboration with clients to help them realize and capitalize on the value of your solution. You shouldn’t be spending time on manual data entry, trying to synchronize multiple tools, or chasing after clients for information. Technology should be responsible for these tasks so you can dedicate yourself to more meaningful onboarding efforts.

Setuply benefits every client onboarding stakeholder.

Setuply transforms your day-to-day by:

  • Giving you a 360-degree view of your responsibilities from a single-pane view

  • Saving you the time and hassle of having to juggle between multiple tools or tabs

  • Allowing you to manage multiple project aspects without missing a beat

  • Streamlining the often cumbersome task of data collection, validation, and staging

  • Offering integrated visual leaderboards that foster a motivating work environment
“The hardest thing about client onboarding is asking the right questions at the right time and getting quality data from the client — quality data that's quickly usable in entering and setting up the software being deployed.”
David HannaFounder of Paystubz

Communicate your value as strategic thinker and doer on your team

Bringing a client onboarding automation platform to your team demonstrates initiative. You’ll be able to proactively solve challenges within your own team, while showcasing your commitment to optimizing team performance and empowering team members to do more. At the same time, you’ll accelerate client onboarding through a more scalable, consistent process, which highlights your commitment to exceptional client experiences.

Why solution providers need specialized client onboarding tools

If your organization isn’t already using the latest and best client onboarding tools, the need to invest is clear. Check in with your leadership team and reiterate the benefits:


  • Operate more efficiently via automated data collection and communications

  • Reduce the risk of costly errors, omissions, and data compliance issues

  • Improve client satisfaction so they are more likely to turn into long-term clients

  • Make data-driven decisions to remove bottlenecks and maximize performance

  • Generate significant cost savings with a more scalable onboarding process

Experience how Setuply can transform your onboarding.

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